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02 Unicorn Labs – a future global movement

Every business starts with a great idea, but not every great idea turns into a business. We met with Mohammed Khouni, cofounder of Unicorn Labs, to talk about his approach on helping young entrepreneurs build a first prototype for their business. “We always wish to see more ideas coming up.” Mohammed explained during our interview in his working space, the Rocket Hub.  “Especially those ideas which otherwise would have failed in their early stage or would have just been abandoned due to the lack of a prototype.”  Having an idea is one thing, but actually executing and validating it by building a functioning prototype is way more challenging. However, it is an essential first step for young entrepreneurs in order to demonstrate desired functionalities to potential clients, gain the necessary interest of investors or just get a better understanding of the product itself. Without a prototype the startup cannot test their idea and pursue it in the long run.  Now, how does Unicorn La