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05 Student Entrepreneur Starter Kit - Build a first product Getting your hands dirty

When we promote the ETH Entrepreneur Club during events, we often get the question 'I have got an idea I'd like to work on. What should I do?' We all have, at one point or another, an idea that arouses our interest long enough to make us want to dig a little deeper into it. However, when we finally decide to give this idea a chance to flourish, we are faced with the first obstacle: where should I start? who should I talk to and how can I get advice? Where do I find initial funding? What about a workspace? Finding customers that are ready to invest in your product is crucial when one owns a startup. So often, it is quite useful to first identify a problem that needs to be solved before working on a product to offer. You might find a need that no one had ever singled out before and find a crafty and unique way to answer that need. Or maybe a decent amount of people is facing issues with what is currently available, and they just need to be offered something better.