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03 The Fuck Up Night - an EC specialty

Another year, another fuckup , we sometimes think. But what a night we had on May 16th 2019! At Theatre 11, 1500 people gathered to hear about the unfortunate experiences of some amazing story-tellers. Admitting to failures in our lives can be a rather difficult exercise. It is difficult to confess that we made a bad choice, and sometimes even harder to admit that this bad decision led to bearings that got completely out of hands. One of our speakers, Edith Schmid , CEO of Kenzen AG (company which makes wearable laboratories in the form of electronic patches), had to face this situation when her company agreed to become a Swiss branch of a group held by entirely American investors. With a slim connection to these foreign investors, the decision was risky; but risk is something that you often only realize when you are already in front of a complication. And so, with the unfortunate loss of the sole human contact to these foreign investors, Edith Schmid realized that the two branches