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04 Morning coffee with Thomas Schulz @ CareerFairy

Thomas Schulz is the CEO of CareerFairy . After a mathematics curriculum (bachelor and masters) at ETH Zürich, he worked for 3 years in finance. Having decided to change orientations, he co-founded CareerFairy with Maximilian Voss 4 months ago. As a student curious about what really awaits for you at a company you would like to apply for, or as a firm looking to attract young talents, you might have heard of the startup.  In November, he agreed to answer a couple of questions we had for him... Which problem are you trying to solve? Maximilian and I both had tech backgrounds and went to a lot of career fairs. But when we tried to meet people and ask them questions, the most common answer we got was "Please check our website." And we thought 'How about we change things?’  First, we wanted to actually see the people that we would potentially be working with when we applied for a job, and have them openly explain what their work involved. Second, we wished to mak